ZITON's WIND ENERGY Sails to Esbjerg to Prepare for 6 Year Time Charter with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy – Heavy Lift News
23 Feb 2024

ZITON’s WIND ENERGY Sails to Esbjerg to Prepare for 6 Year Time Charter with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

After a transformative stay at Odense Port and FAYARD since early November 2023, WIND ENERGY has embarked on her next chapter, setting sail for the Port Esbjerg on Tuesday 20 February.


WIND ENERGY entering Odense Fjord through Gabet in November last year prior to the extensive retrofit work up to bring her to European standards


WIND ENERGY had her four legs successfully reinstalled during the Christmas Holidays with the final one concluding the operation on New Year’s Day.

Their stay at Odense Port and the FAYARD repair yard was marked by significant enhancements and preparations. WIND ENERGY underwent a comprehensive retrofitting process, which included the reinstallation of its legs – previously removed in Singapore for its voyage from China to Denmark – and the mounting of spud cans.

The retrofit extended to a complete overhaul of the living and operational spaces, with brand-new interiors for the accommodation areas, galley, mess, and TV rooms, alongside major overhauls of engines and technical installations. ZITON’s commitment to excellence was further demonstrated through extensive outdoor cleaning, maintenance, test lifts for the main and auxiliary cranes, and the completion of a thorough 10-year survey.

The work was accomplished through the dedicated efforts of the vessel’s new ZITON crew, who have diligently familiarised themselves with every aspect of the vessel. This was achieved in close collaboration with partners and subcontractors, ensuring that WIND ENERGY is fully prepared for its upcoming time-charter.

As WIND ENERGY currently navigates around Jutland towards Esbjerg, ZITON look forward to beginning the six-year time charter with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. Upon arrival at Port Esbjerg, Siemens Gamesa will equip the vessel for O&M work on their Direct Drive turbines. This includes the establishment of refurbishment facilities for major components and sea fastening, marking a significant step forward in our collaborative efforts to enhance renewable energy infrastructure.

Look out for more updates as ZITON and their crew embark on this exciting new phase with Siemens Gamesa, further solidifying their commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions.


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ZITON / WIND ENERGY leaving Odense Fjord through Gabet



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