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19 Dec 2019

ZEAMARINE Move to Bolster Position

In a move to bolster their position, ZEAMARINE has released a statement supporting their shareholders commitment and the performance of the company.

They continue, “ZEAMARINE remains an active organization performing all of its contractual commitments with our usual market-leading customer service.

There will be a continued period of re-establishment and strategic alignment within the senior management team, to which we have already welcomed Mr. Sven Lundehn as our Managing Director. The great experience of Mr. Lundehn along with the support of our shareholders will solidify our establishment for future development.” Mr Lundehn comes in from business consultants, Alldatax Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

In early October this year they announced the appointment of a new CFO, Chad Call, succeeding Michael Dumas. Chad Call had been Financial Vice President in Houston after stepping over from Intermarine.

In July this year Co-founder of Zeaborn, Ove Meyer, resigned as Managing Director from all operating ZEABORN and ZEAMARINE subsidiaries of the Zeaborn Holding.

Zeaborn Group signed an agreement in April this year, acquiring interests in Zeamarine held by US based New Mountain Capital resulting in them having full ownership of Zeamarine.

Zeamarine was formed after Zeaborn and Intermarine entered into a joint venture in May 2018

Sources Zeaborn and Zeamarine

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