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3 Jun 2020

Wyndward Maritime Ltd Appointed Commercial Representative for Barge Master in Canada

Barge Master, the industry leading developer of motion compensated solutions for the marine sector, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Philip Woodcock of Wyndward Maritime Ltd to be their commercial representative in Canada.

Wyndward Maritime is a consultancy based in Victoria, British Columbia; and, focuses on solving problems for companies in the maritime industry. Wyndward Maritime will be presenting the Barge Master range of motion compensated solutions to industrial and government clients who are looking to improve safety and workability while reducing project costs.

“We are excited to expand our global agents’ network to Canada” Martijn Koppert, CEO of Barge Master explains. “I have known Philip Woodcock for many years, and I think that Wyndward Maratime, with its experience and extensive knowledge of the market is a perfect fit. We have every trust in a fruitful collaboration.”

The Barge Master solutions range consists of several products;

  • The Barge Master T-700 Platform can be installed on any vessel to serve as a working base for any kind of equipment, enabling secure operations in uneven waters.
  • The Next Generation Gangway provides continuous access for people and cargo, ensuring safe transfers to any offshore structure.
  • The Barge Master T-40 Crane enables controlled lifting operations in high sea states, making it possible to work at sea almost year-round. See video below.

Barge Master products are designed to help vessel operators deliver their project safely, on time and cost-effectively. They have been proven on projects worldwide in the Oil and Gas, Renewables, Heavy Civil, Marine Salvage and Decommissioning markets.
Design work includes methods for loading sensitive military munitions offshore and transferring military transport to landing craft ensure amphibious landings in higher sea states.

Wyndward Maritime will be working with Randall McGregor of RJ McGregor and Associates, specialists in public sector procurement, to support Barge Master across Canada.

“I have known the Barge Master team since they launched the BM-T700 motion compensated platform which brought the safety and workability of onshore lifting into the offshore environment. I am very honored that Barge Master has entrusted Wyndward Maritime to represent their products in Canada as I believe that the Canadian maritime industry will benefit greatly from the safety and workability improvements that this equipment brings. By working together with RJ McGregor and Associates, we will be able to ensure that the women and men serving at the sharp end on our naval and coastguard vessels will have access to the best motion compensated means of moving personnel and equipment.” Philip Woodcock – Director Wyndward Maritime Ltd

Barge Master T-40 Crane Video

Source Barge Master


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