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2 Jul 2020

WWO Ship 39m Conveyor in One Piece – Video

How do you transport a 39-metre long drag conveyor across the Atlantic in one piece?

That’s the challenge that faced Spanish manufacturing company Intrame when looking for ocean transportation options for its valuable shipment, which also included other parts of a dismantled asphalt plant.

Due to the dimensions involved, Intrame needed a best-in-class carrier that could load a large quantity of oversized products safely while maintaining high quality standards.

The solution was WW Ocean’s RoRo service, which enabled the lengthy conveyor and other components to be loaded and transported from the Port of Santander in Spain to Baltimore in the US, fully constructed.

Thanks to the minimal lifting involved, RoRo is a safe way to transport over-sized breakbulk such as drag conveyors. Rolling handling equipment means products can smoothly be rolled onboard.

In this instance, multi-purpose bogies, placed on top of two 40ft roll trailers, were attached to both ends of the conveyor and simultaneously pushed and pulled by two tug masters to gently manoeuvre the product onto the vessel.

The combined length of the manoeuvre – including the product itself, the roll trailers and tug masters – measured in at 65 metres. Due to this sizeable length, great care had to be taken to consider the angle of the vessel’s ramp, and to try to keep the product as flat as possible. The final part of the manoeuvre to fit the conveyor into its assigned space on the ship was particularly challenging given the narrow dimensions involved – so a slow and considered approach was critical.

To devise the right handling solution, the WW Ocean team worked closely with the engineers at Intrame to propose equipment and lashing solutions.

Ahead of the conveyor’s departure from the port of Santander, WW Ocean also ran a test-drive to practice the complex handling procedure.


Source WWO

Photographs – Intrame-Santander / WWO


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