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3 May 2019

WW Ocean Claims Top Spot for BreakBulk Shipments

RoRo’s the winner when it comes to frequent cargo shipments of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to breakbulk, WW Ocean’s fleet of RoRo vessels is perfect for a diverse range of cargo – from generators, rotors and train carriages to injection moulding machines and manufacturing equipment. But what makes the WW Ocean network and liner service so well-suited to regular and frequent cargo flows?

While heavy-lift cargo isn’t unusual, the team at WW Ocean have many years’ experience in shipping smaller breakbulk – in fact, small breakbulk pieces (spare parts, machine tools and crated boxes, for example) make up the majority of our business. As a result, customers can expect efficient cargo stowage and excellent handling, thanks to the use of both roll trailers and bolsters to move the cargo on and off the vessel.

It is clear that reduced handling equates to reduced risk – and this is certainly true in the world of breakbulk where cargo is both complex and costly. While container and LoLo transportation involve significant cargo-handling through lifting (and therefore increased risk of cargo damage), RoRo shipments involve limited lifting as a result of rolling cargo on and off the vessel.

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