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13 Aug 2020

Wipfli AG Invest in a CombiMAX Flexible combination

Swiss family transport business, Wipfli AG, has a large reputation with challenging cable drums transports weighing up to 100t, often moving through winding mountain villages and over steep roads up to the top of the mountain.

Flexibility is the trump card and a basic prerequisite, because Wipfli also transports construction machinery and industrial parts. With a basic width of 2,850mm these tasks are perfect for the new CombiMAX from Faymonville which is now in use by the Swiss customer. Define the task, combine the right vehicle! This is possible with the CombiMAX, put together with foresight by the Swiss company.

A 2-axle, 3-axle & 1-axle (Joker) bogie can be combined in various ways and be coupled to their impressive tractor unit. This can be installed quickly and easily depending on the payload requirements.

Wipfli gained maximum versatility between the bogies by purchasing two decks. Firstly, a telescopic excavator bridge (7,050 mm + 4,110 mm), which can also be extended in width up to approx. 3,250 mm.

Secondly, the Swiss company decided to get a vessel bridge consisting of a variety of beams with dimensions of 7,000mm, 6,000mm and 4,000mm in order to be able to accommodate cable drums and other freight with variable length and width.


The team around Peter Wipfli jr. received a detailed instruction at the Lentzweiler factory in order to be able to use the material in the best possible way.


Source Faymonville

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