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12 Mar 2021

Windpark Fryslân Components shipped by Wagenborg

In September last year, Van Oord Offshore Wind installed all foundations into the bottom of the land locked IJsselmeer. During this project phase, Wagenborg assisted with their floating crane ‘Triton’ when lifting the floating crane ‘Triton’ from the ships delivering the foundations. The 89 towers and wind turbines are now being installed on to the foundations, one by one.

Due to the width of the locks around the IJsselmeer, the wind turbine components are brought to the IJsselmeer by various ships and assembled there. The three rotor blades are first assembled in Oude Zeug for transport to the wind farm. The tower parts and the nacelle are delivered to the IJsselmeer via Amsterdam.

From Now until June 89 turbines will be shipped, installed and tested. This is the final important phase of the construction. Transport of the tower sections and blades will be carried out by Wagenborg using their tugs and pontoons.

One of these is Wagenborg’s oldest tug, ‘Waterpoort’, built in 1962 and powered by an old Stork Werkspoor. The vessel’s engine has recently been fitted with a Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system.  The exhaust gases are treated by this catalytic converter reducing the nitrogen (NOx) content by as much as 85%.

Source Wagenborg

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