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14 Jun 2018

Windmill transport to Slufterdam

14 June 2018

Van der Vlist has been contracted to assist with a renovation project at Windpark Slufterdam (Rotterdam Maasvlakte), where 17 windmills are being replaced by 14, much more modern, windmills.

Van der Vlist has been involved in both transport and interim storage of all parts coming from across Europe including using our own terminal in Moerdijk.

They executed a total of 140 special transports between Moerdijk and the project site. Van der Vlist used a combination of specialist trailers to complete the project, including blade carriers to transport the challenging 60-meter blades.

Once operational, expected in the beginning of 2019, Windpark Slufterdam will generate enough power to supply around 50,000 homes with renewable energy (more than twice the volume of the previous windmills).

SOURCE: Van der Vlist

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