Wind Turbine Tower Section Closes Dutch Motorway Junction - Video – Heavy Lift News
28 Dec 2022

Wind Turbine Tower Section Closes Dutch Motorway Junction – Video

At about 02.30 this morning, 28 December,  on the A1 and A50 intersection of the Dutch motorway system, a section of wind turbine tower came loose from the transport vehicle and rolled on to the junction causing it to be closed to traffic.

The transport was driving on the A1 from Hengelo towards Apeldoorn, when the tower section became loose and rolled off the trailer blocking the exit from the A1 towards the A50. No one was injured, and no other vehicles were involved. According to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) it is still unknown how the tower section became loose.



Later in the morning, salvage operations started. Two heavy lift cranes from the Barneveld based company, BKV, were deployed to lift the tower section.

Rijkswaterstaat reported late this morning that the tower section had been removed. Additional repair work is required on the asphalt and crash barrier. Rijkswaterstaat reports that 25m² of asphalt will need to be replace before the junction can be fully opened, taking longer than was initially expected.

Rijkswaterstaat expects all the work will continue this afternoon.


Photographs of recovery from Rijkswaterstaat after videos below


Update at 14.18 today


Source: Rijkswaterstaat

Videos and photographs from Rijkswaterstaat

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