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3 Jul 2020

Wind Energy Converted by Enercon and Transported by Universal Transport – Gallery

Heavy load logistics specialist Universal Transport was entrusted with the task of transporting the components of two wind turbines from their production sites in Northern and Central Germany to their site of operation, a wind farm in North Rhine-Westphalia. Contractor is the wind energy converter manufacturer ENERCON.

The components of the first wind turbine were successfully delivered at the end of June while the transports of the second wind turbine are planned for early July. Seven special vehicles are used for transporting the different components which include the nacelle, the hub and the generator, the steel segment of the hybrid tower as well as the three rotor blades for this wind turbine type E-82 with a rated power of 2,300 kW. Due to their size and weight, the transport of the wind turbine components poses several challenges both for the route planners and the professional drivers of Universal Transport as the heaviest segment weighs 68 tons and the rotor blades each have a length of nearly 40 meters.

“It is their dimensions that make their transport so tricky. When maneuvering through narrow curves and villages, precision work is required,” says Holger Dechant, Managing Director of the Universal Transport Group, and adds: “Wind energy is one of our core businesses and we have special trailers for the different components. But good technology is only half the story. Especially in our business field, no two transports are alike. Only a good and well-coordinated team can ensure smooth transportation. Logistics is made with people.”


Source Universal Transport / Medienbüro am Reichstag GmbH

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