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31 May 2021

Wiesbauer’s Cometto SPMTs Working in High Voltage Substation

The air was highly charged as two self-propelled Cometto SPMT combinations begin to move in an electricity substation in Grossgartach / Leingarten in Germany

With no clearance at the top, seven hall ceiling elements needed to be removed as part of the demolition of a section of a substation hall. Each element was 12m long. The use of a mobile crane to remove the hall ceiling was not possible, because two lightning protection cables were running directly over the roof and could not be dismounted. An unusual task for the demolition specialists SPIE from Weinheim and SER from Heilbronn.

“Not only that, but the whole thing also has to proceed without vibrations and the ongoing substation operation must not be disturbed,” says Christian Heßler from SPIE, adding: “Only one hundred percent reliable equipment may be used.” This is where Wiesbauer comes into play. They have developed a spectacular concept based on their Cometto MSPE self-propelled modular transporter. Two 4-axle units and two 202-kW engine units were employed. The self-propelled vehicles used in a side-by-side combination, 2m apart.

A 10m high scaffolding tower was installed on the loading platform of each electronically steered module. With a skilful and steady hand, Wiesbauer employee Tobias Kienzle steered the lowered SPMT combination into the hall. His colleague Leonhard Schmid gave the final instructions by radio for the precise positioning of the self-propelled modular vehicle under the load. The unit was then raised with the aid of the vehicle hydraulics and the load carriers on the scaffolding were pressed against the ceiling element from underneath. The men from SER could then begin to cut the 3m wide ceiling elements free. Once this had been accomplished, the driver Tobias Kienzle raised the SPMT by remote control just enough so that the ceiling element could be driven towards the crane without getting stuck.

The 7 ceiling elements were removed from the hall area and transferred to a mobile crane on five consecutive days, safely and without problem . “Let’s not forget that we are in an electricity substation here,” says Cometto Sales Manager Joachim Kolb. “That means that the high voltage is present on the lines very close to this work.”

A live project. However, the reliable and resilient Cometto SPMT self-propelled vehicles proved themselves once again under the most difficult conditions.

Source Cometto

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