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17 Jan 2022

Wiesbauer Lifting Bridge Sections in the City of Würzburg – Video

“After the dilapidated Siligmüller Bridge had already been closed for 14 years, it was demolished in 2009, leaving a gap – now also clearly visible –  between the southern ring road and the main cemetery on the other side of the railway tracks. However, over the past decade one has become accustomed to the sight and the changed flow of traffic. So why does the bridge need to be replaced now?

The most important reason lies a few years in the future: the neighboring Rottendorfer Strasse bridge urgently needs to be renewed and without an alternative, entire parts of the city would be cut off from the city center by the demolition. The new building on Siligmüllerstraße is intended to bridge this in the literal sense.

The new district at Hubland brings with it an increase in individual, bicycle and local public transport. Accordingly, long-term benefits can also be gained from a better distribution of traffic flows over both bridges. Cycle axis 4 will also be supplemented by the two-way cycle path that follows along the main cemetery. In addition, the new bridge gives the nearby hospital another access option, which can be particularly relevant in the case of urgent rescue operations.

The conditions for the construction work are not exactly easy: the residents as well as the direct proximity to the city ring road and thus to the most frequented street in Würzburg must be taken into account; the space is tight, the dimensions of the construction site are enormous.”

The Liebherr LTM1750-9.1 (800t upgrade) from Wiesbauer Krane was used to move the bridge parts, which weighed more than 50t.


©Video: City of Würzburg, Department of Civil Engineering and Transport

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