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21 Apr 2023

Wiemann Autokrane Selects New Grove GMK6400-1

At the start of 2023, rental company Wiemann Autokrane travelled to Manitowoc’s manufacturing facility in Wilhelmshaven, Germany to collect its new Grove GMK6400-1. Since taking delivery of the crane the company has kept it constantly busy, working across Germany on a range of applications, including wind power, bridge construction, concrete construction, and work in industrial facilities.


Wiemann’s regular GMK6400 driver, Heinz Hedemann (R) and Jonathan Reckers, area sales manager at KranAgentur


“We’ve run a Grove GMK6400, which was the predecessor to the GMK6400-1, since 2014,” says Markus Wiemann at Wiemann Autokrane. “When we talked to KranAgentur Werner (our sales partner) about the updated GMK6400-1, we immediately liked what we heard. We travelled to Wilhelmshaven to see the prototype and provided some feedback. Manitowoc was genuinely interested in our comments and suggested changes, such as including foldable handrails for reduced component height and optimized transport, which were included in the final design. Our regular GMK6400 driver, Heinz Hedemann, joined the visit to Wilhelmshaven and was pleased to see the many upgrades from the GMK6400, such as quieter and more powerful hydraulics, optimized set-up, and the inclusion of the user-friendly Crane Control System.”



The GMK6400-1 is the class-leader in six-axle cranes. When configured with its full 60 m main boom plus 79 m luffing jib, it achieves a maximum tip height of 136 m. Wiemann Autokrane purchased its GMK6400-1 with Grove’s unique MegaWingLift™ capacity enhancing attachment. Counterweight and rigging for MegaWingLift™ can be installed without an auxiliary crane in less than 45 minutes. It can increase the load capacity on the main boom by up to 70 percent.



Rental company Wiemann Autokrane is based in Dortmund and operates six additional depots across Germany. The company purchased its GMK6400-1 through long-time Manitowoc partner KranAgentur Werner.

“It’s always impressive to see what this crane can do on the jobsite. Especially when lifting at longer radii, the GMK6400-1 is in a different league. The fast, easy, and self-rigging MegaWingLift™ significantly boosts performance and delivers a real competitive advantage for customers” said Jonathan Reckers, area sales manager at KranAgentur.

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