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18 Jun 2018

When you need more height

18 June, 2018

Spotted a couple of weeks ago in London in the UK, two men putting a banner up with a combination of access equipment.

Not sure where in London this was, but clearly these two have got their hands on a four metre scaffold tower, but need to reach seven to eight metres high, so after allowing for two metres above the deck they were a metre and a half to two metres short.

So, what to do? 

Step one – extend the adjustable legs to the point where they must be close to dropping out, gaining almost half a metre, although leaving little overlap inside the vertical tubes, meaning a shaky platform. 

Step two – find a step ladder which adds another metre and does the job, forget any niceties such as guardrails or toe boards, the step ladder only just fits – a little shake from those rickety over extended legs and it will be over the edge! But no worries our man putting up the banner has a trusty work mate down below who is holding it all steady. Sadly though even he appears to have lost interest and is checking his mobile phone while he leans on the scaffold, what he thinks he can do if it starts to go is anyone’s guess. 

Hard to know what contribution this man is making?

The banner is a very long one, so these two jokers will have had to push that tower along the façade with those long unsupported legs. The odds of them completing this job without incident are remote. Hopefully if something did go wrong it was the scaffold collapsing into the street while they were relocating it. And if so it did not fall on anyone walking or driving past.

Extending the legs gained some of the height needed, hopefully they are extra long ones

Also looking at the part of the banner we can see one wonders if the word is ‘Training’? It is certainly what these chaps need. We have a sneaking feeling though that this a banner for a London based property developer?Definitely one for our Death Wish Series.

SOURCE: Vertikal

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