Whale Research Vessel gets a lift on Meriaura's EcoCoaster – Heavy Lift News
27 May 2019

Whale Research Vessel gets a lift on Meriaura’s EcoCoaster

Finnish company Hankkija had already signed up for a cargo to be shipped by Meriaura’s EcoCoaster, Mirva VG,  recently, but they had no problem allowing Meriaura to carry deck cargo over their shipment.

The deck cargo consisted of a very specific research vessel with a final destination in Canada. The EcoCoaster loaded the research vessel cargo in Loviisa on the south coast of Finland and sailed to Belgium, where  it would be transhipped on to a vessel bound for Canada and the Mingan Island Cetacean Study-center.

In Canada it will be an important tool in the research of marine mammels, specifically to a blue whale reproduction study by the Atmosmare-foundation in which Meriaura is a sponsor along with Richard Sears at the Mingan Island Cetacean Study-center.

The Mirva VG is using 100% waste based bio oil on this shipment.

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