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4 Oct 2019

Weighing and Load-out by Sarens in Malaysia

Sarens was commissioned by Sapura Fabrication Sdn to carry out the weighing and load-out of three NOC jackets at their yard in Lumut, Perak, Malaysia.

The 273-acre Sapura Fabrication Yard in Lumut is located 3km off the Straits of Malacca allowing easy access to both the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. The yard is equipped with a fully integrated computerized yard management system that links its engineering, planning, quality management, procurement, warehouse, and component production centre.

Our crew decided to deploy four sets of 100 axle lines with different configuration of trailers to perform the operation. The team selected the number and configuration of axle lines considering the GBP, loading conditions, and trailer’s integrity on bendings. Sarens also supplied ballast pumps to perform the load-out activities. The trailers were assembled in two days to swiftly execute the task.

The team performed the weighing-in of the three NOC jackets by using 8x600T jacks and loadcells. Three units of NOC Jackets weighed between 1700T to 1800T. Next the team perfomed the load-out using 18 bridges, 12 deck pumps, and around 150T of mats and beams. The jackets were then transported to the Sapura Energy Jetty which was 500m away from the fabrication yard.

The complete operation took around two weeks and was executed by our crew of 15 members.

Source Sarens

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