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11 Feb 2022

Wasel’s New Flagship Lifting Turbines to 160m – Gallery

The new flagship of the Wasel fleet, a Liebherr 1,000t crawler crane, is the fifth and also the most powerful large lattice boom crane in the company. Their LR 11000 passed its first test on a wind farm in Coeslfeld in North Rhine-Westphalia.

“The requirements for lifting capacity in industry and public infrastructure projects are increasing. The towers of wind turbines are also getting higher and higher. With the new crawler crane, we are already well positioned for the next generation of wind turbines,” explains Matthias Wasel.

The flagship had to prove itself during the installation of a turbine with a hub height of 160m. Julian Schmidt, Technical Manager at Wasel, says: “The strong SL10 boom was an important criterion for the LR 11000. And here at the wind farm we need this performance. 136t including hook block and slings had to be brought to the extreme height of 160m at 29m outreach.” For this purpose, the crane was equipped with the special SL10DF2BV wind power system: 162m main mast, 12m fixed tip, 210t slewing platform ballast, 90t central ballast and 450t derrick ballast, was the configuration for this operation.



Source Wasel GmbH

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