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25 Feb 2020

Wärtsilä Thrusters Key to Bokalift 2 Propulsion Packet

A comprehensive thruster solution from the technology group Wärtsilä will enable Netherlands based Boskalis to convert an existing hull to create the crane vessel Bokalift 2. In addition to addressing the technical challenges imposed by the project, Wärtsilä has also committed to meeting a demanding delivery schedule for the equipment. The order with Wärtsilä was placed in December 2019.

Wärtsilä will supply four retractable steerable thrusters and thruster controls, as well as two tunnel thrusters. The proven retraction system, combined with the energy efficient 8-degree tilted thruster, is a key factor in enabling effective station-keeping performance. Wärtsilä is a market leader in large-scale retractable thrusters, which are essential to solving operational challenges of this type. The thrusters’ retractability also enables shallow draft operations.

“Wärtsilä’s thruster solutions enable this kind of high specification vessel to operate successfully in sustainable energy installation projects. Furthermore, the energy efficiency of our thrusters reduces fuel consumption, which at the same time limits emission levels,” says Stefan Wiik, Vice President, Asset Management Services, Wärtsilä Marine.

Wärtsilä’s extensive in-house capabilities across multiple disciplines were cited as being critical to addressing this complex conversion project.

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Wärtsilä’s comprehensive thruster solution will enable an existing hull to become the crane vessel Bokalift 2.

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