Wallenius SOL Accepts World's Largest dual-fuel, Ice Grade RoRo vessel Botnia Enabler from CIMC Raffles – Heavy Lift News
17 May 2022

Wallenius SOL Accepts World’s Largest dual-fuel, Ice Grade RoRo vessel Botnia Enabler from CIMC Raffles

The World’s Largest dual-fuel, Ice Grade RoRo vessel built by CIMC Raffles for the Swedish shipping company Wallenius SOL  has been successfully delivered.



The 5,800 LM series MegaRoRo vessel, Botnia Enabler,  built by CIMC Raffles for Swedish shipping giant Wallenius SOL left the port, Yantai, Shandong, China, and was successfully accepted and delivered on May 13.

This vessel series are characterized as a length of 241.7m, a width of 35.2m, a lane length of 5800m and a speed of 20kts. It is equipped with two 685m³ C-type LNG storage tanks and equipped with an efficient LNG dual fuel propulsion system, which can provide clean energy for navigation, significantly reducing carbon dioxide and other emissions.

The series are more environmentally friendly and flexible. The trial voyage of fuel mode and gas mode has been completed in April, and all performance tests have reached the standard or even exceeded the expectation. After delivery, it will operate in European waters and can sail in normally in harsh waters with ice thickness of more than 1m.



This project has been seen as CIMC Raffles’ to entry the international RoRo market. The design and construction teams have withstood various challenges from the product itself and the external environment. The whole construction process of the project has survived the COVID epidemic period, bearing relevant impacts and huge challenges, but has overcome these difficulties and has achieved finally a successful delivery.

LNG is currently the preferred fuel for low-carbon emission reduction in the shipping industry. Under the national “double carbon” goal, CIMC Raffles actively promotes the low-carbon, clean and green development of shipping, creating more value for relevant parties, and jointly contributes to global low emission and green shipping.

Her sister ship, Baltic Enabler, is scheduled for delivery later this summer.

Wallenius Marine, in collaboration with Knud E Hansen, has led the ship design and new building project of both ships. Wallenius Marine will also provide ship management and technical management of the new vessels.

Wallenius and SOL have now worked intensively together for one and a half years. April 12, 2019 was the start date for the new company WALLENIUS SOL, which is now owned in equal parts by Wallenius and SOL (Svenska Orient Linien).

Technical data:

  • Ice class: 1A Super
  • Type of Vessel: ConRo
  • Maximum speed: 20 knots
  • Beam: 35.2m
  • LOA: 242m
  • Dead weight: 27,000t
  • Engines: Multi-fuel (compatible with LNG, LBG, diesel and synthetic diesel)

Environmental benefits of the new vessels:

(Source: Report U6059, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute)

  • 57 % reduced fuel consumption per transported unit
  • 63 % reduced greenhouse gas emissions per transported unit
  • 99 % reduction in oxides of sulphur (SOx)
  • 96 % reduction in oxides of nitrogen (NOx)
  • 99 % reduced particulate emissions (PM2,5)



Source CIMC RAFFLES and Wallenius SOL

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