Wagenborg's Fuldaborg Crossing Atlantic Ocean on Green Bio Fuel – Heavy Lift News
24 May 2024

Wagenborg’s Fuldaborg Crossing Atlantic Ocean on Green Bio Fuel

The Fuldaborg is an ice-classed vessel with a cargo capacity of 13.500t. It is designed to transport a wide range of bulk and breakbulk cargo, including steel products, which was loaded on this particular voyage.



The journey started at the Port of Chicago in the United States of America, from where the ‘Fuldaborg’ set sail towards the Atlantic Ocean. After passing the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence, the vessel will make its way to its final destination in Sweden.

Traditionally, the maritime industry relies on fossil fuels. While cost-effective, this fuel impacts the environment with carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In contrast, bio fuels, derived from renewable sources such as vegetable oils and waste cooking oils, offer a cleaner alternative. They significantly reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to a greener shipping industry.

Recognizing the environmental benefits, Wagenborg and her customer jointly made the decision to bunker bio fuels for the Fuldaborg on this specific voyage. The company worked closely with fuel suppliers to ensure a smooth switch and to maintain optimal engine performance throughout the journey.

The ‘Fuldaborg’s’ cargo for this trip consisted of steel products. Steel, a versatile and durable material, plays a crucial role in various industries, from construction to automotive manufacturing. By using bio fuels to transport these steel products, Wagenborg not only reduced the environmental impact of the shipping process, but also contributed to the overall sustainability of the steel supply chain.

The successful voyage of the Fuldaborg using bio fuels marks another example of Wagenborg’s journey towards sustainability. Wagenborg reports a notable reduction in emissions compared to traditional shipping fuels can be expected. This achievement demonstrates the feasibility and effectiveness of bio fuels as a cleaner alternative for cargo transportation.


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