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30 Oct 2018

Wagenborg’s New Vessel Christened

From left to right: Egbert Vuursteen (CEO Royal Wagenborg), Marjan van Loon (CEO Shell Netherlands) and Johan Atema (Managing director NAM) Photograph – Wagenborg

Date 26 October 2018

The second Walk to Work vessel in the fleet of Wagenborg Offshore was unveiled on Thursday 25 October 2018 on the Nieuwediepkade in the port of Den Helder. The Walk to Work Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel Kasteelborg was christened by Mrs. Marjan van Loon, CEO Shell Netherlands.

Kasteelborg will serve as standby and support vessel in collaboration with the Kroonborg, which was commissioned almost three years ago, with maintenance of the unmanned platforms on the southern North Sea. Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) and Shell UK Exploration & Production (Shell UK) have signed a 6-year agreement with Wagenborg Offshore for the deployment of this second ‘Walk-to-Work Vessel’ (W2W). 

The Kasteelborg is similar in size to Kroonborg, but her activities are different in nature. Kasteelborg is mainly used for emergency work and interventions, such as starting up installations and performing minor corrective maintenance. This allows the Kroonborg to concentrate on the larger planned maintenance campaigns.

Both vessels operate from Den Helder, since this port is located strategically with respect to the southern North Sea.With the arrival of Kasteelborg, NAM and Shell UK can further decomplex their platforms, make them more sustainable and give them new functions. With this, old and new forms of energy go hand in hand on the North Sea. NAM, Shell and Wagenborg are joining that future together.

The vessel is equipped with a 3D motion compensated crane. The fact that Wagenborg and Shell/Nam have selected Barge Master for an additional BM-T40 motion compensated crane showcases the success of the first one, which was installed on the state-of-the-art Walk-to-Work vessel Kroonborg. The first motion compensated crane on the Kroonborg has increased the workability from approximately 180 to 330 days per year.

The Barge Master Crane, as configured for the Kroonborg, makes it possible to continue safe and stable crane operations even in the North Sea’s famously rough conditions. It is able to lift 15t at 10m reach, 5t at 20m reach and has a lifting height of 35m from the deck.

News and a video of the Barge Master BM-T40 on the Kroonborg can be found here

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