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20 Jan 2023

Wagenborg Nedlift Passes Safety Culture Ladder Step 3 with Flying Colours

Last year, Wagenborg Nedlift and Wagenborg GmbH obtained the certificate for step 3 of the Safety Culture Ladder. A result to be proud of, because we continuously work on improving safety awareness and our safety culture.

Aboma conducts an annual audit to test whether the safety behavior still meets the requirements that the Safety Culture Ladder sets for a company. We have again passed Step 3 with flying colours.

Some highlights from the report included the good improvement cycle that we use within Wagenborg Nedlift following an accident. Management meetings, working groups, the introduction of the multiple eyes principle, translation cards, toolbox breakfast sessions during working hours: they all contribute to the continuous improvement we want to make in the field of safety.

Step One – Pathological – Ignorance is bliss Step Two – Reactive – Any change in behaviour is ad hoc and temporary Step Three – Calculating – Safety Rules are considered Important Step Four – Proactive – Safety has great priority and is continually improved Step Five – Safety has been fully integrated into all business processes


Just like in 2022, this year also showed that employees have a great commitment to the company. Another positive aspect is the fact that attention is paid to the person behind the employee. At Nedlift, for example, we have ‘the good conversation’ instead of a performance review. And the lines of communication within the organization are short.

In addition, we received tips with which we can improve our safety policy even more, so that we can work towards certification for Level 4 of the Safety Culture Ladder in the coming years.

Source Wagonborg Nedlift

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