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18 Aug 2022

Wagenborg Nedlift Invests in New Jacking Technology

A new and unique jack-up system for ultra heavy-duty jacking projects was delivered to  Wagenborg Nedlift’s base in Hengelo last week.



With the new Enerpac jack-up system system, loads with a weight of up to 3200t can be effortlessly jacked. The new addition has a height range of up to 20m and is equipped with so-called adjustable top-barrels: top parts that are fitted with a cylinder. This ensures that alignment during a jacking operation is quite easy, making the system flexible and efficient to use. The capacity, in combination with the adjustable top-barrels, makes this new system unique in its kind.

The new jacking system uses individual hydraulic jacking elements instead of beams. The jacking elements are placed at the bottom of the jacking units. This means that employees do not have to work at heights during the jacking operation, which enhances safety. Moreover, the complete system is computer-controlled and fully electrically driven, which fits in seamlessly with the sustainability strategy of Wagenborg and its partners.



Wagenborg’s project department is often involved in infrastructure-related maintenance and new construction projects. The new jack-up system enables Wagenborg to continue to carry out these challenging jobs safely, quickly and cost-efficiently.



The equipment will be deployed for the first time in late August on the Dortmund-Ems canal bridge replacement project. The old bridge will be jacked up and brought on land by means of a sliding system, in combination with pontoons provided with a modular support system.

The new system will have applications in industrial, shipbuilding and offshore projects in the future.

Source Wagenborg Nedlift

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