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26 Nov 2021

Wagenborg Nedlift Bridge Building over the River Main – Gallery

The pedestrian bridge ‘Margetshöchheim and Veitshöchheim’ built in1967 connects the towns of Margetshöchheim and Veitshöchheim, near Würzburg. Two piers of the bridge stand in the fairway of the River Main, which can crate unsafe situations. For this reason, a new suspension bridge is being built. With barrier free ramps and a width of 3m, the new suspension bridge is a safe crossing over the Main for cyclists and pedestrians over a safe channel for the shipping traffic.

The new suspension bridge has a futuristic design and a free span of no less than 122 meters. The bridge is supported by two heavy guy cables attached to pylons on either side of the Main. The bridge itself is again constructed from 19 prefab parts, each weighing 11 tons, which are suspended from the two heavy guy cables by means of several cables.

The construction of the new suspension bridge proved to be a challenge in itself. The pylons on the banks were placed and mounted in parts without any problems. But for lifting 11 tons heavy prefabricated parts at a distance of more than 60 meters you need heavy lifting equipment. There was no place for that on the banks at all.

What now?

The lifting specialists at Wagenborg Nedlift thought that a solution to work from the water might be possible. Together with sister company Wagenborg Towage Service and the client, this option was further investigated and with results! The use of the strong and agile 165tm articulated telescopic crane on a large pontoon turned out to be a solid and safe solution for the lifting work of the prefab parts.

Last week the time had come: Wagenborg Barge 14 of Wagenborg Towage Service was mobilized, and the 165tm articulated telescopic crane of Wagenborg Nedlift was positioned on it. The 19 prefab parts for the bridge were also put on board and so it went to the project location of the new bridge.

What followed was excellent teamwork by the water transport specialists, who ensured that the pontoon remained in the correct position, and the lifting specialists from the articulated telescopic crane, who placed the prefab parts one by one in the cables.

And so it has been proven once again that the Wagenborg team cannot be fooled!





All Photographs: Dieter Gürz, www.veitshoechheim-blog.de

Source Wagenborg Nedlift

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