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4 Dec 2020

Wagenborg Lifting with Demag and Tadano in Tandem

Lifting the 138-tonne pressure vessel in a tandem lift with a Demag® AC 500-2 and a Tadano® ATF 400G-6 definitely had symbolic significance – after all, both manufacturers have been under the same corporate umbrella as part of the Tadano Group for roughly one and a half years now. During the challenging tandem lift operation, the cranes impressively showed how both brands work perfectly with each other at work sites as well.

It is likely, however, that the fact that these two manufacturers have come under the same corporate group played no role in Dutch crane service provider Wagenborg’s decision to use the two cranes. Instead, they were simply the ideal units for the tandem lift: A 138-tonne pressure vessel that was 12.8 meters long had to be lifted off from a RoRo pontoon and onto a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) so that it could be taken to its destination by land.

To handle this feat of strength, the Tadano ATF 400G-6 was equipped with 98 tonnes of counterweight so that it would be able to lift its load portion of 49.5 tonnes at a radius of 15 meters. The Demag AC 500-2 was equipped with a significantly larger counterweight coming in at 140 tonnes, as it had to lift the remaining 88.5 tonnes of the pressure vessel with its hook. However, the radius remained at 15 meters. The rest was simply a matter of routine for the experienced Wagenborg team thanks to good planning. They lifted the load from the pontoon and smoothly set it down on the SPMT without any surprises and exactly as scheduled.

Once it reached its destination, the pressure vessel was first temporarily stored and then placed on its foundation after undergoing maintenance.

Source Demag/ Tadano Group

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