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3 Jan 2023

Viterra’s E-Crane Unloading Panamax Vessels at Portland

Unloading bulk carriers can be accomplished in many different ways depending on vessel size and required unloading rate, and users are always looking for the most reliable, cost-effective solution. When faced with the challenge of replacing their mobile harbour crane due to a terminal and warehouse upgrade Viterra carried out a comparative study of the available products.

Main requirements were that the new unloader needed to be mobile and able to unload Panamax vessels without the need for support equipment – except for final clean-up, and would have a minimal environmental impact. The end result of this study can now be admired on the Portland dock in Dorset, United Kingdom: A 1800C Series E-Crane Model EH12421 CR-D.

E-Crane offered a tailor-made crawler-based solution where power supply is accomplished using an electrical cable reel giving the crane the ability to operate completely emission free. As the port civil and electrical upgrade program is still ongoing, an additional stage V diesel generator was added in order to guarantee continuation of operations during the upgrade process. A further unique selling point in the E-Crane offerings was the unprecedented 42 meters outreach, more than any other hydraulic crane available on the market. This enables the E-Crane to unload cargo underneath the hatch coamings only requiring an excavator for collecting the last few grabs from each hold. Another prime example of energy efficiency.

One final thing that appealed to Viterrra was the simple design of the E-Crane where only two identical cylinders are used for all boom and stick movements. When compared to suppliers of hydraulic material handlers that require as many as 7 cylinders in combination with an additional energy recovery system that still falls short of the efficiency of the balanced design, it is not hard to determine which solution will work best. At E-Crane we like to say: ‘Simplicity is the Key to Success.’

Green unloading has certainly reached Portland.

Source E-Crane

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