Vietranstimex Move 17 Offshore Modules with Faymonville ModulMAx in Vietnam – Heavy Lift News
15 Jan 2021

Vietranstimex Move 17 Offshore Modules with Faymonville ModulMAx in Vietnam

Building an offshore drilling platform is a challenging mission which can include many spectacular transport tasks. In Vietnam, the national transportation company Vietranstimex got the order to ship 17 modules that will be assembled to form one big offshore platform for the Southern Oil Complex Project. A playing field as made for their modular trailers type Faymonville ModulMAX with a total of 96 modular axles lines.

At PV Shipyard Port in Vung Tau City, near to Ho Chi Minh City, the first petrochemical platform modules were ready for departure. Vietranstimex had the mission to transport and load them out at the construction jetty harbor Long Son in the same region of the country.

The first shipment consisted of two modules weighing 122 tons and 314 tons. Detailed planning was needed to handle this demanding project correctly. After a last briefing, the team from Vietranstimex started the Power Pack Units of their twin tyre modular combinations. Two configurations had been put together: on the one hand, 24 modular axle lines in side-by-side mode for the 122-ton module and on the other hand, 48 modular axle lines in in side-by-side combination for the 314-ton freight.

The advanced electronic system installed on the Power Pack Units controls all the functions. The software continuously checks all the parameters and displays the information related to the different functions for maximum transport safety.

This successful transport was the first step for Vietranstimex in the complex assembly of the offshore drilling platform. All 17 modules of the Southern Oil Complex Project have various weights. The lightest one weighs around 100 tons and the heaviest one nearly 1,400 tons. It is expected that Vietranstimex will complete the transport of all 17 modules by mid-January 2021.

Source Faymonville

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