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1 Jun 2018

Videos: Two injured in crane overturn

The crane came down on several houses

31. May 2018

A crane operator and a homeowner were injured yesterday, in Lauderhill, near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after a large crane overturned onto a number of houses.

The crane, a five axle All Terrain owned and operated by local rental company Sims Crane & Equipment was working with full boom extended, placing power poles to the rear of the row of houses for Florida Power and Light, when the nearside outriggers appear to have punched through the road surface into a water main. 

The boom badly damaged a number of houses and brought down power lines, but fortunately the injuries that the two sustained are not thought to be too serious.

As far as we can tell the crane was set up on medium sized circular outrigger mats, although a truck parked alongside the crane appeared to have four large rectangular steel mats on board.

The outriggers broke through into a water main

Watch the videos below:

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