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10 Apr 2018

Video: Vertical Axis Wind Turbines in 60 seconds

10 April 2018

The Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) is the dominant wind turbine on the market, althought Vertical Axis Wind Turbines have been in the running for a long time too.

The VAWT has been pursued in different projects, but so far never reached commercial ‘breakthrough’. But what are Vertical Axes Wind Turbines (VAWTs) and how do they rotate? 

The video lecture below explains this and shows the advantages of VAWTs in 60 seconds. 

Watch the video below:

VAWTs are less often used then HAWTs, probably due to the initial perception that VAWTs cannot be used for large scale electricity generation. 

In more recent years, offshore project developers have become interested in VAWT projects, especially for floating offshore wind farms. Although this sounds very promising for VAWT turbines, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed. 

Learn more about that here.


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