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26 Apr 2019

Video – OOS Serooskerke’s 3D Printed Hook

OOS Serooskerke will be the first vessel ever in history on which a 3D-printed crane hook is installed.

The Huisman 3D-printed hooks are the future of crane hooks due to the excellent results obtained from comprehensive testing and analysis. After load testing at more than double the Safe Working Load, the 3D printed hook was certified for offshore use according ABS standards. This is an important step in determining regulations for 3D-printed products for the maritime and offshore industry.

The 36t Service Cranes on both OOS Serooskerke and OOS Walcheren will be fitted with 3D-printed hooks.

In January 2018 Huisman successfully load tested the world’s first 3D printed offshore crane hook to 80mt. Until now crane hooks have been manufactured by casting or forging techniques.


In the first week of 2018, world’s first 3D printed offshore crane hook, manufactured by worldwide provider of step changing technical solutions Huisman, successfully passed its load test (80mt) and all associated quality control checks according to the strictest criteria. Photograph – Huisman





A video of the assembly of the first of the 2200t cranes for the OOS Serooskerke can be found here.

Source OOS International and Huisman

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