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2 Jul 2018

Video: ONE Across America’s Supply Chain

2 July, 2018

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has released a new video to celebrate the first container to arrive in North America, showcasing its journey across America’s supply chain.

The container arrived at the Husky Terminal at the port of Tacoma, Washington on the Granville Bridge, and was then transported via rail and road connections across the country to Georgetown, Kentucky.

Director of Marine & Procurement at ONE, Dave Wear, features in the video saying: “I think this is a unique opportunity for us to show what we will bring to the industry.

“You can tell by our colours and our name that we want to be a leader in the industry and our goal is to come across as just that: providing the most outstanding service that is available in our industry.

“It’s an honour that we were able to bring the first container into Husky.

“Husky is on the cusp of growing into some very significant place within our industry, and in the Tacoma area and so to be able to bring this first container in here was just really special for us.”

SOURCE: Port Technology

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