Video: Mammoet's Jacking Crate System – Heavy Lift News
3 Jun 2018

Video: Mammoet’s Jacking Crate System

3 June 2018

Mammoet’s jacking crate system safely and swiftly raises or lowers a load into place, replacing the need for manual handling of jacking timbers.

This hydraulic system uses metal crates as supports for the load, in place of traditional jacking timbers. The jacking crate system is mounted on SPMTs and removes or adds the metal support crates with a trolley mechanism.

The system’s cycle of moving crates works with the hydraulic power from the SPMTs to safely lift or lower the load, without manual handling.

Making it safer for operatives and ideal for extreme environments (such as the Arctic) where operator dexterity may be limited.

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Watch the video below:

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