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8 May 2018

Video: Installation of the “Brug van den Azijn”

8 May 2018

This video shows ALE loading-out and installing the steel bridge using the award-winning Mega Jack 800 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The ‘Brug van den Azijn’, located over the Albert channel, weighed 1,200t and measured 124m long.

The first stage involved the load-out of the bridge deck, where it transported was by barge from Wondelgem to Antwerp.

Once in Antwerp, the bridge was loaded-in on a site near the final location. Here, the arches were fully assembled and then the entire bridge structure was loaded-out and transported by barge 2.5km to the final installation.

It was then installed using ALE’s Mega Jack 800 to jack-up the deck 8m and position it higher than the abutments. The bridge was then lowered by 3m in between the abutments and into its final position.

The project was undertaken for ‘De Vlaamse Waterweg’.

The operations were completed within two weeks.

Watch the video below:

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