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27 May 2018

Video: High School Prom Charter Boat Strikes Yacht

BY MAREX 2018-05-25 13:52:00

On Thursday evening, the tour boat Cornucopia Destiny allided with the stern of a moored yacht at a pier in Hoboken, New Jersey, across the Hudson from Manhattan. The Destiny had 95 students and 11 teachers aboard for Weehawken High School’s senior prom at the time of the accident. 

Video from the scene shows that the Destiny was parallel to the dock and approaching the stern of the moored yacht Sundancer, and Destiny failed to slow. After the initial impact, the Destiny pushed the yacht ahead until it allided with a pier. No injuries or pollution were reported, but both vessels were damaged. 

Hoboken’s fire chief told local TV that the Destiny was departing the pier at the time of the incident. The crash may have been caused by a mechanical failure: in the moments leading up to the accident, the Destiny’s master was heard shouting that he had “no control,” according to local media. 

The school district’s superintendent told the AP that the students will have another prom before graduation, since the first was interrupted. SOURCE: Marex

Watch the video below: