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25 Feb 2019

Video – Helge Ingstad Salvage Operation Starts Last Phase

The Royal Norwegian Navy have released a video of the start of the salvage operation. Their report  today, Monday at 09.00 states:

The crane barges “Gulliver” and “Rambiz”  moored at the casualty site on Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning there is little wind, but a long swell – around the frigate

The weather forecast suggests swell on Wednesday, which creates a slight uncertainty for the continuation of the salvage operation. The two crane vessels will lift the frigate simultaneously with a total of four taps. These must be lifted synchronously, and the crane barges must be completely stationary next to each other. The next meteorology report with an updated weather forecast will be on Monday afternoon.

Before the final decision is taken, the ROV (underwater drones) will take a final inspection of moorings and up links. A decision to raise is likely to be taken Monday night – if the weather forecast is satisfactory.

Source Royal Norwegian Navy

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