Video: Fistuca BLUE Wedge Connection – Heavy Lift News
6 Apr 2018

Video: Fistuca BLUE Wedge Connection

6 April 2018


Fistuca BV, Huisman Equipment and Delft University have received a subsidy for their investigation into a new connection for offshore foundations.  

The so-called BLUE Wedge connections is an alternative to the conventional bolted and grouted connection and promises to improve safety, increase installation speed at a competitive capex levels while slashing the opex levels of current connections.

The technology can be used both above as well as under water thereby allowing a reduced lifting weight of the ever increasing size of monopiles. Experimental investigations are ongoing with very positive initial results.  SOURCE: Fistuca

Watch the video below:

The BLUE Wedge Connection, the Safer, Stronger and more economic offshore connection.

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