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19 Dec 2022

Video – Faymonville’s Modul MAX AP-M

The Faymonville Modul MAX AP-M stands for a modular trailer which combines the supporting assist mode with both the self-propelled mode and the classic trailer mode.

Faymonville can provide three different versions of the ModulMAX AP-M depending on the operator’s main field of application:

  • Endurance
    • For on-road long distance heavy-duty transports where it is important to assist the tractors with a constant pulling force at high speed.
  • Standard
    • For universal heavy-duty transports and an approximate 20/80 ratio between on-road and in-site missions. This version allows a perfect combination between pulling force and working speed.
  • High Torque
    • For heavy-duty transport missions when it is necessary to get a high pulling force and an assist speed of 15km/h is sufficient.

Unique on the market:

  • The most powerful traction force for less truck use
  • One chassis with 4 driven axles replaces two 8×4 trucks!
  • 45 tons of payload per axle line – the highest available value
  • Maximum speed of 40 km/h in the assist mode

Benefit from further advantages:

  • Engage the traction drive while driving
  • Interoperability with other modular axle systems
  • High polyvalence in use
  • Higher manoeuvrability and lower permit costs
  • Savings in terms of wear, fuel consumption and man power
  • Homologated brakes for safe operations



Source Faymonville

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