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13 Apr 2018

Video: Dyneema Composite tent keeps the toughness and cuts the condensation

Nick Lavars

April 12th, 2018

Founder and designer of Locus Gear Jotaro Yoshida began developing the Djedi Dome tent four years ago


Dyneema is a lightweight synthetic fiber with a strength greater than steel, making it great for use in everything from protective clothing for motorcyclists to bullet-resistant blankets for classrooms.

Japanese outdoor company Locus Gear is now putting it to use among the frigid mountain tops, launching what it describes as the ultimate dome tent that is wrapped in a new breathable Dyneema composite fabric to keep the elements at bay. 

Founder and designer of Locus Gear, Jotaro Yoshida, began developing the Djedi Dome tent four years ago when there was no breathable form of Dyneema in existence. Breathability is important when it comes to alpine shelters, as a it helps avoids the buildup of condensation and moisture inside the tent, sleeping bag and clothes (not ideal when trying to stay dry and warm). 

“I made eight different prototypes using different fabrics but was never satisfied,” says Jotaro. “Condensation is a major problem for anyone who camps. And if your inside walls or down sleeping bag gets wet, the situation can even become life threatening. So, for a dome tent it goes beyond being strong and extremely light. Breathability is the true ‘dream’ property.”

Dyneema has since come to the party, producing a composite fabric that maintains its great durability but is also waterproof and breathable. Jotaro’s Djedi Dome tent is the first tent to combine the Dyneema Compositie Fabric with eVent, a microporous membrane that affords it these properties and makes for a strong, single-walled tent that can endure harsh outdoor environments. 

The two-person tent makes use of carbon fiber poles for a weight of just 980 g (2.2 lb), and packs down to dimensions of 51 x 8 x 31 cm (20 x 3.4 x 12 in) for easy carry into the wilderness.

It comes in two versions, with and without a mesh-paneled front entrance. Without the mesh door panel, the Djedi Dome tent is priced at ¥126,000 (US$1,180), while the version with it will cost you ¥142,000 (US$1,330). 

You can hear from Jotaro and learn more about the design process in the video below. 

Source: Locus Gear

Watch the video below:

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