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14 Mar 2019

Video – Collett Collects Lorry Loader

The new Scania R410 6×2 tractor unit fitted with an Effer 685.6S V-Stab 68 Tonne/Meter crane is the latest addition to the Collett lorry loader fleet. The 68 Tonne/Meter crane features 6 boom extensions with a lift capacity of 18.8 Tonnes at 2.92 meters and 2.93 Tonnes at 17.13 meters. The two front outriggers extend in a V-shape which allows the boom to move across the front of the tractor unit and provides the crane with a 360 degree slewing arc.

The new lorry loader increases Collett’s ability to continue to provide heavy lift self-loading and offloading solutions, eliminating the need for mobile cranes. Lorry loaders are a prominent feature across their diverse fleet and with the addition of this 68 Tonne/Meter crane they can provide heavy lift and transport solutions with added value for their valued customers.


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