Video: Chain Inspection with Mats Sohlström – Heavy Lift News
27 Mar 2018

Video: Chain Inspection with Mats Sohlström

27 March 2018

When it comes to chain inspection services, only the very best will do.

That’s why Deep Sea Mooring, a Vryhof Company, is the acknowledged industry leader, delivering DNV GL-certified inspection services from a state of the art unit; using the latest inspection technologies; and generating comprehensive reports as the last chain leaves the unit.

Yet, what sets Deep Sea Mooring apart is the outstanding quality and dedication of its’ people.

And there’s no better example than Mats Sohlström, Technical Manager at Deep Sea Mooring, whose role is to locate defects and make corrections to mooring chains.

Visit Deep Sea Mooring’s Mongstad’s base and follow Mats’ personal journey and his deep pride in attaining the highest levels of integrity in chain and mooring assets and creating a world-class inspection unit.

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