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19 Jun 2018

Video: Cargo ship runs aground in Duluth, almost hits break wall

19 June, 2018

There were incredible scenes in stormy Duluth on Sunday as a giant cargo ship ran aground in the harbor, and almost smashed into a break wall and building.

The American Spirit, which is carrying iron ore pellets, ran aground in the harbor at around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, after veering off course because of strong currents and heavy rain.

It stopped with its bow pointed just feet away from the break wall beside the Paulucci Building, with video shared on Facebook by Angela Lowder showing how close it came to smashing into the wall.

This video from the Dennis O’Hara at offers an alternative angle, showing just how off course the ship got in the harbor.

It was stuck for hours, forcing the closure of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. At this stage it’s not clear how it managed to run aground.

Eventually, the surging water in the harbor helped the ship float free, and it was able to move under its own power, with tug boat assistance, to a nearby dock for examination, WDIO reports.

It is not thought that the ship spilled any fuel or oil in the incident.

Despite the inclement weather, dozens of onlookers descended on Canal Park to take pictures of the incredible scene.


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