Video: BigLift Shipping loaded 1150 Tons Vertical Lay System (VLS Tower) at Huisman Equipment, Schiedam – Heavy Lift News
10 Apr 2018

Video: BigLift Shipping loaded 1150 Tons Vertical Lay System (VLS Tower) at Huisman Equipment, Schiedam

Schiedam 4th of April 2017.

The second Vertical Lay System, built by Huisman Equipment for Technip-DOF and to be used to lay pipe lines in offshore deep water oil fields in Brasil was successfully loaded by the Heavy Lift Vessel “Happy Star” for shipment to Brazil.

The Norwegian-Brasilian Vard yard is building two new pipelay vessels of which the first one received a VLS Tower in August 2017.

This second VLS Tower with a weight of 1150 mTons, a length of 54 m, a width of 21.50 m and a height of 18.5 m was to be shipped by BigLift’s Heavy Lift Vessel “Happy Star”.

The VLS Tower of 1150 Tons had just been lifted off the supports by the 2×900 Tons Mast Cranes of the mv “Happy Star”

On Wednesday the 1st of April 2018, the vessel arrived at the Huisman quayside and the next day preparations started for loading the VSL Tower as well as the accessories, which were part of the delivery.

A detailed Shipping manual and engineering plans formed the basics for this complex loading and installation operation, in which BigLift and Huisman worked in close cooperation with each other.

Wednesday the 4th of April, the rigging for lifting the 1150 Tons load was fitted to both 900 tons mast cranes and hooked on to the lift points in the VLS Tower and final preparations were made to lift the VLS Tower on the pre-installed deck load spreading beams.

As the VLS will be installed on the Pipe lay vessel in Brazil, a trial lift was made under an angle of 33 degrees, before loading the unit on board

All went as planned and around 12:30 hrs in the afternoon the VLS was safely placed on deck of the “Happy Star”.

The following days were used to lash and secure the load in order to garantee a safe voyage to the Vard Yard in Recife, Brasil, where BigLift and Huisman in a joint effort will lift the VLS Tower into the hinge points of the new pipe lay vessel and erect her by means of the “Happy Star” Mast cranes into vertical position.

The loading Video will follow soon

Watch the video and pictures below:

The VLS Tower was lifted from the quayside and maneuvered in between both cranes and placed on deck supports 

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