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31 Mar 2018

Video: BigLift Barentsz carrying eight RTG’s and one ASC crane

31 March 2018

By using its ro-ro capability, BigLift Barentsz loaded eight (16 wheeled) RTGs and a large STS container crane at the MES Oita factory, in Oita, Japan.

All the cranes are destined for Berth 21 of the Mombasa Container Terminal in Kenya. The RTGs measure 26.4*11*26.7 metres and weigh 144 mt a piece.

The STS crane is an even more impressive piece, weighing 1,231 mt and measuring 28 metres long by 100 metres wide and 68.3 metres high. For the MC-class vessels these crane weights are still fairly easy to handle as they have ro-ro capacity for cargoes up to about 16,000 mt apiece.

The RTG’s were loaded by driving them on board via a ramp, whereas the STS crane was given its own rail track to roll it on board and into stowage position.

Watch the video below:

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