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25 Feb 2019

Video – ALE’s Proficiency on Prize Project Disclosed

ALE has shared their expertise from an award-winning heavy haulage project at the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) 2019 Specialized Transportation Symposium.

ALE won the Haulage Job of The Year Award, for loads over 500,000 lbs (226.79t), for the project at the SC&RA Awards 2018. The award category recognises and honours member companies that have performed outstanding achievements in moving and trucking jobs.

Javier Martinez Gutierrez, Executive Director for ALE, gave a presentation on the project, which involved the transportation of six 22MW power plant engines from Italy to Venezuela. Weighing a combined total of 1,891 US tonnes, the engines were delivered to the Santa Ines Refinery Development in Barinas State, Venezuela. As the distance was so vast, covering almost 1,000 combined land and nautical river miles, the project was split into three phases over three years. ALE faced routing and logistics challenges that required complex engineering studies, co-ordination with different authorities, and significant preparations with an experienced team.

The SC&RA, an international trade association of more than 1,300 members from 46 nations, hosted the annual symposium, in Houston, Texas. The event brings together 500 specialised transport professionals from around the world to discuss some of the most pressing topics in specialised transportation, as well as featuring presentations from the 2018 award winners.

Javier Martinez Gutierrez, Executive Director for ALE

Source ALE


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