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31 May 2018

Video: Aircraft lifting failed

31 May 2018

Recently a damaged aircraft was lifted near Hyderabad in India and this went completey wrong!

Apparently no proper liftplan was prepared. From what I can see in the video is that it looks like they used an old 140 tons Demag TC600 truck crane. Such a crane can lift a max. load of around 31 ton at 15 m radius. 

Although the crane did not tip over, they certainly did exceed the max. buckling force (strength) of the main boom. It cannot be seen in detail, but it could be that one of the wings bumped into the main boom, causing it to buckle, although it seems to me not very likely. 

Watch the video and pictures below and learn how it can be done with more success!

Lessons learned:

Prepare a detailed Method Statement, which should contain at least:

  1. A proper Liftplan specifying the Crane type, Crane loadchart and boom length and counterweight used
  2. Show a detailed rigging plan
  3. Show details of the load to be lifted (weight, dimensions and location of CoG in relation to the liftpoints)  and make sure the lift rigging can be adjusted if the load is not supported horizontally

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