Video: A Safety Harness saved his life – Heavy Lift News
1 Jun 2018

Video: A Safety Harness saved his life

1 June 2018

He is a safe worker he didn’t do anything wrong here. His retractable locked up as he was walking and it yanked him back resulting in the fall.

I agree safety is good for all but maybe the safety people should start paying more attention to the lifespan of safety equipment and this wouldn’t happen. This is not me bashing on any safety person but it is a problem. Still there is too much that slips through the cracks. This person did go to the hospital and checked out clear and ok.

Be safe out there and don’t let anyone rush you or give you old safety equipment ever. Take a stand and remember that god forbid you die they will continue on without you.

Think about your family first.

This is what safety is all about. It saved this man’s life. A lesson for us all.

Wear a Safety Harness, tied of with a proper lanyard to a sound and solid anchor point when working at heights!!

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