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17 Dec 2018

Video – A Mammoet Upgrade

When the owner and operator of the world’s largest refinery approached Mammoet with an ambitious lifting challenge, they responded by upgrading the their largest crane. In preparation for the project at Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery, Mammoet upgraded the PTC 200 DS to become the PTC 210 DS, providing the additional capacity required to lift a 2000-ton structure in one piece.

Video: Mammoet’s PTC 210 DS

The refinery wanted to lift preassembled units to speed up installation and minimise downtime, but this resulted in heavier units to lift. Too heavy even for the Mammoet PTC 200 DS. Mammoet’s answer to the challenge was to upgrade this crane from 200,000 ton-meters to 210,000 ton-meters.

They designed and built the necessary alterations including reinforcements to the crane’s boom, to be configured to 117m, and the ballast system, resulting in an increase of load momentum.

The 200 containers with the crane in transport were sent to the Mammoet Multi-Purpose Terminal at Westdorpe on the Gent –Terneuzen in the Netherlands. They assembled the crane and filled 35 containers with gravel to provide 4,000t of ballast for testing.

The tests to Lloyds’ standards of safety compliance were completed successfully and the crane was dismantled and repacked in the containers for transport to India.

Source Mammoet

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