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2 Jan 2023

VG-Shipping Ltd Acquires 35% Investment in Rederi Ab Nathalie

VG-Shipping Ltd., a Finnish investor, and the main owner of Savosolar-Meriaura Group, acquires 35% of the shares in Rederi Ab Nathalie (RABN). The transaction was completed on 29 December 2022 as a combination of share sale and share issue that strengthens RABN’s capital structure and improves company’s ability to invest in further growth.


MV Aura from the Meriaura Fleet


RABN is a Turku-based shipping company, that owns and manages five vessels in the size of 3000-5000 dead weight tons. Two of the RABN’s vessels are time chartered to Meriaura, and three to other shipping companies. The cornerstone of RABN’s operations is the Finnish flag and a skilled crew.

“The purpose of the arrangement is to strengthen the good, long-term cooperation between our companies and ensure Finnish coaster tonnage for Meriaura,” says Jussi Mälkiä, CEO of VG-Shipping.

The companies’ common goal in the future is to make significant investments in tonnage for the needs of the Finnish industry, taking into account the future emission reduction and other requirements of sustainable maritime logistics.

“With this cooperation, we boost the Finnish shipping industry, security of supply, and we are better positioned to meet the demand of the green transition, says Antti Partanen,  CEO of Rederi Ab Nathalie.

Featured Title photograph

m/v ODDA MARIE from the RABN fleet


Source Savosolar-Meriaura Group

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