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17 Sep 2019

Verton Australia in Robotic Research for Their R-Series

Technology company Verton Australia is investing in robotic research to advance the development and manufacturing of its world first remote-controlled load-management system that eliminates the need for human held taglines for crane operations, keeping people out of harm’s way.

In a collaborative research project involving Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC), Brisbane-based Verton will be looking at how robotics will transform the manufacture and operation of its award-winning R-Series load-management system that is already being used on a wide range of projects worldwide.

Verton Australia CEO Trevor Bourne said the two-year project to bring together experts in robotics and data analytics to further develop the R-Series systems was an exciting development for the company. He continued, “To be involved in a project to adapt the development and manufacturing of the R-Series through the use of robotics is a compelling concept that has enormous potential. As well as enabling unprecedented safety for crane operations, the R-Series also improves efficiency and productivity.

The research team at Queensland University of Tecnology, led by professor Jonathan Roberts, is taking a multifaceted approach in identifying ways to further develop Verton’s systems.

Source Verton

Featured Title photograph: The R-Series was recently shown to engineers from Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd in the UK 

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