Vernazza Autogru Lifting with their Grove GMK7450 on Paris WtE Plant – Heavy Lift News
21 Aug 2020

Vernazza Autogru Lifting with their Grove GMK7450 on Paris WtE Plant

Italian crane services company Vernazza Autogru is using a Grove GMK7450 all-terrain crane to install a new fume treatment system at the Syctom waste-to-energy (WtE) plant in Saint-Ouen, Paris.  The WtE plant, operated by Syctom since 1990, is the largest of three in the French capital, incinerating 600,000t of unrecyclable household waste per year and generating enough power to heat 120,000 homes. The ambitious modernization project will optimize energy recovery performance while reducing emissions for increased energy production with lower environmental impact.

Tasked with carrying out the lifting operations on the project is Italian crane services provider Vernazza Autogru. Founded in 1946, the Genova-based company deploys a fleet of 200 cranes and specialized vehicles across Europe, including Grove cranes of all sizes. For the demands of this particular job, Vernazza Autogru selected the largest in the Grove all-terrain range, the seven-axle 450t capacity GMK7450.

The GMK7450 provides an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio thanks to the unique cross-section Megaform boom design, while the large wear pads ensure optimum boom alignment and effective transition of weight between sections when telescoping. These features enable greater lifting capacities at any radius, as does the fully hydraulic Twin-Lock boom pinning system. Twin-Lock uses two pins horizontally mounted on a single telescopic cylinder to move a boom section into position, reducing weight in the boom, which can then be used to strengthen the crane elsewhere.

Lifting capacity is further enhanced by the optional Mega-Wing-Lift attachment, which provides rigidity when working with long boom/jib/counterweight combinations, increasing the load chart by more than 40% on the main boom and more than 230% on the luffing jib.

“Replacing the fume aftertreatment system at the L’Etoile Verte plant requires a crane that is flexible, reactive and compact. We chose the Grove GMK7450 for its good load capacity – very near to 500 t. So far, our operators have found it simple to use and it has been a reliable machine for continuous utilization,” says Paolo Delfino, general director of Vernazza’s French branch.


Source Grove / Manitowoc

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